Shipping Paper, Shipping Boxes Keep Valuables Safe From Damage

When giving gifts or moving, making sure your valuables are protected during the shipping and moving process is paramount. Nothing is worse than spending time carefully choosing a gift and lovingly sending it; only to find out it arrived to its intended recipient damaged. Equally as frustrating is when a beloved valuable is broken during a move.

Whether you are shipping something, storing an item or moving, packing materials are imperative. Among the most important products to keep your valuables safe are shipping boxes and packing paper. While purchasing well-made, sturdy boxes is a must they can’t do the job alone. Your valuables have to be wrapped tightly in packing paper to keep everything safe if it shuffles inside the box or, even worse, if the box is dropped.

Packing paper has several advantages over Styrofoam packing used in shipping boxes. First, Styrofoam leaves spaces and allows your valuables too much opportunity to move around and possible be damaged or broken. Second, packing paper can be easily recycled, while Styrofoam can’t. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the process of making Styrofoam is the 5th largest creator of hazardous waste, plus it makes a huge mess when opening the package it’s contained in. When it comes to bubble wrap, again, packing paper is superior. Bubble wraps biodegrades slowly, taking up space in landfills and creating other environmental hazards and it’s also flammable. Packing paper is eco-friendly. It’s much easier to use and far more effective in protecting items that are easily scratched and broken like plates and glasses.

When packing a valuable it is easy to use the wrong amount of packing paper. People often times use too little, but sometimes get carried away and use way too much. A good rule of thumb is to buy one pound of tape per cubic foot of your boxes. Fragile items should always be wrapped in extra packing paper, and your boxes should contain fewer items if they are easily broken.

Packing items into boxes is not complicated if two methods are used in the packing process. One way to use packing paper is to wrap each item individually in layers, and then place the item in the shipping box. The other way is to crumple the packing paper and put it in the shipping box to act as a soft barrier to keep things safe in case of shifting. Ideally, a combination of both of these methods will be used and items will be wrapped individually and placed in a box with loose crumpled packing paper to act as additional protection.

Using good shipping boxes and packing paper will ensure your packages are shipped without being broken or damaged and any moves will be successful without lost and broken valuables. Take the time to choose quality products and wrap all fragile items and valuables individually and then add crumpled packing paper as an extra barrier of protection. Use caution when picking up fragile boxes and don’t fill them too full so that the valuables won’t bump against each other causing chipping or other damages.


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